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Città Alta

Plastic Planters in Platinum Grey h 55 cm

A meeting point between Design and Nature.
The Domino Planters convey a special touch to the magnificent terrace of Casual, the starred restaurant of chef Enrico Bartolini who chose Villa Elena in Bergamo in the Upper Town as his location. This elegant building, blending Baroque and Liberty styles, was the perfect choice to showcase the Domino Planters, enhancing its exclusivity even further. Greyish tones and essential lines give the environment a sense of grandeur and vigour; the sculptures by Gianfranco Meggiato and the luxury furnishings make the context refined.

The added value of the location is the greenery surrounding the terrace. The colours of the plants and flowers enrich the landscape, and the background of Città Alta intensifies this magnificent atmosphere, full of history and emotion. In such an environment, you are transported to an elegant world full of well-being, where unique flavours merge in an evocative vision to offer an extraordinary experience.

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Total White in Catania: Vivai Patané by Architect Cecilia Guglielmino

White Skyline Plastic Planters, h 55 and 80 cm with Wooden Exté White Benches

The splendid terrace furnished with Domino Planters stands amid the greenery of Catania. The project was co-created with our Partner Vivai Patané and Architect Cecilia Guglielmino. We opted for a light solution in white plastic with the aim of creating dynamism within the context: the height changes, typical of the skyline line, and depth were thus created.

The goal we set ourselves was to recreate a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by greenery; for this reason, Wooden Benches were added, strictly White, in perfect line with white, the predominant colour and the true protagonist of the elegant and refined space thus recreated.

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Eden overlooking the Lyon Stadium

Skyline Anthracite Plastic Planters, h 50, 80 and 105 cm

In this creation, Domino wanted to be much more than a planter: it wanted to confirm itself as a valid piece of furniture capable of integrating perfectly with the place where it is placed.
Our single box structure, which allows a lush development of the root system, frames a terrace overlooking the Groupama Stadium in Lyon, France.

The idea stems from the desire to create a boundary between the surrounding environment and the terrace itself, giving those who frequent it a feeling of calm and well-being that contrasts with the chaotic and frenetic reality of the city.
For this project we opted for an anthracite plastic planter, a light but strong material, easy to transport and install. The Domino planter promotes an integration between urban and green elements, highlighting the space of the building with the elegance of the anthracite colour.

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Botanical luxury in the idyll of a Court

Wooden stoneware planters, h 62 cm

Inside this Court located in Erba, the Domino planters were chosen to embellish and complete the outdoor space.
In total harmony with the construction, stoneware was selected; one of the finest and most refined materials offered by Domino. The Wooden finish is the ideal solution to recreate the natural effect of wood, which gives a rustic touch that is perfectly in line with the surrounding environment.

The project envisaged the use of Domino planters to combine beauty with functionality: the planters are not only design elements, but are intended to separate the areas and thus create dividers between one apartment and another. The green of plants is essential to contrast the typical brown tones of wood and recreate an atmosphere of well-being and tranquillity, allowing the condominium owners to live freely in their spaces.

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Urban Oasis: Customized Terraces among Style and Functionality

Domino Planters in Reconstructed White Botticino Stone (format 40×60 cm), h 65 cm

We make your terrace a welcoming and emotional oasis of design thanks to solutions created specifically for your space.
All the furnishings have been designed and created with the aim of achieving the best functional and aesthetic result, thus obtaining a customized project, like a tailor-made suit that reflects the soul of those who live in these environments.

The Botticino White finish of the Reconstructed Stone Line was selected for the project: the particularity lies in the size of the 40×60 cm slabs that make the planter look slimmer. The effect is made possible thanks to the majesty of the plants chosen, the Strelitzia. This type of plant has large roots: this is not a problem for Domino Planters, which adopt the typical single-box solution.
We wish to thank Spazio A and Vivaio Verdevivo for the project, as well as our Apulian partners.

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Miretti terraces

Domino Planters in Pearl Grey Plastic and Skyline Dove grey, h 55 and 80 cm

The Miretti Giardini project aims to surround the terrace with an enveloping and lush setting that gives the impression of being in an actual garden.
The terrace planters are therefore developed along the entire perimeter, with some isolated planters in a central position to create focal points with exemplary plants, liven up the space and divide it into rooms.

Two colours were chosen: the dove grey planters for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as to blend with the colour of the wooden floating floor, and the pearl grey planters to elegantly highlight the most important scenes; thus creating interesting contrasts with the wonderful colours of the plants.

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Terrace overlooking the Modena Skyline

Domino Planters in Metal RAL 9006, h 55 cm

In this project, we proposed surrounding the perimeter of the terrace with 50 cm high metal planters. The choice was made for two reasons: sinuous, adaptable and timeless, metal is a material with a light and minimalist design, a true expression of style; the 50 cm height preference was dictated by the need not to hide the view of the Modena Skyline and at the same time to create privacy through the greenery, partially isolating the terrace from those nearby to recreate an intimate space.

The choice of RAL, completely customizable, fell on the 9006, bright aluminium that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment: it is in fact a shade that falls within the black/white gradation which is very popular in modern apartments with a minimal or industrial style.
We wish to thank our Partner Vivai F.lli Bergonzini for the splendid creation.

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Apple Barcellona

Domino Planters in semi-gloss Skyline Anthracite Metal, h 55, 80 and 105 cm with wheel base

Elegance and practicality in a single project? It’s possible.
In this creation, Domino was able to recreate a green corner enhancing an urban environment with the simplicity and uniqueness of the Skyline line.
We are in Barcelona, on a terrace overlooking Placa Catalunya, where the elegance of anthracite metal meets practicality. The undisputed protagonist of this project is our metal wheel base, painted with the same RAL as the planter, which allows the movement of the structure with ease to consistently create new settings.

The customer’s request stems from the need to be able to change and overturn the furnishings of his place according to his needs, and we are happy to have been able to meet his request through the customization of a planter with a modern and contemporary design.

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